Outsource your email marketing - mailingmanager plus is the ultimate "done for you" email marketing package. We cover everything, from the first draft to the send!

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mailingmanager plus starts from just £299+VAT

Email is digital marketing's deadliest weapon, yet it is the most neglected! With the biggest sales period of the year upon us - you can't afford not to email.

Email marketing is almost three times more effective than social media. There are almost three billion users who access their emails every day, and 66% of email recipients become customers. All of your customers are right in front of their inboxes. Put our fully-assembled email package to work.

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Your fully-assembled email marketing package is designed to make sure your customers keep you at the forefront of their minds.

Prices start from £299+VAT

Hiring an inhouse marketer to do your email marketing would require a lot of financial investment. mailingmanager plus costs as little as £299+VAT.

Building an effective campaign takes a variety of skills. Hiring a different person with each skill individually, plus having to spend the time to manage would end up becoming very costly. Even the cost of hiring a marketing assistant would mean the cost could run into thousands of pounds.

With mailingmanager plus, our full experienced marketing team is at your disposal. From the low price of £299+VAT your campaigns will be designed, built, edited and sent. The only thing you need to give is 30 minutes of your time to tell us what you need.

Your email marketing maintained using this simple six step process.

Six Step Process for creating and sending an email campaign

mailingmanager plus can take care of it

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Prices start from £299+VAT

Email marketing is a unique tool that doesn’t necessarily have to be used to generate immediate sales. Newsletters can contain information that will help you nurture the relationship between you and your customer.

Email Marketing will drive traffic to your website or link to your blog. Your downloadable content can be sent to thank your recipients for their loyalty. An email keeps you in the customers minds, even when they might not be in the market for your product right now.

Don't panic. This fully-assembled email marketing package will bear the weight, storing you at the forefront of your customers minds. This will keep them buying into your brand.

mailingmanager plus will design your campaign to best suit your business’ objective.

every company is in business ultimately to achieve one goal: make a profit. restricting your email sends purely to achieve sales might provide you a high, short-term influx of orders. there are no guarantees that this is sustainable in the long-term. new ideas must be considered.

if your objective is to craft long-term business relationships, then your campaigns will seek to capture and nurture your prospects. an experienced marketing team will create the right campaign strategy for your company.

  • Buy Now: Present your contacts with a special offer or a product list to tempt them into buying or opening an account with you.
  • Increase Website Traffic: Link prospects to your blog, or new product, to get them to your website.
  • Download Content: Reward your customers with an infographic, e-book or other downloadable content to reward their loyalty.
  • Reply: Send an email that prompts a reply to open conversation between you and your prospect.
  • Give Feedback: Send a survey, or an “how are we doing?” email to gauge how your customers feel about your product.
  • Refer a Friend: Send your offer to anyone who brings a new customer to your company.
  • Capture information: You may wish to capture more information about your customer, or their habits.

Your campaign will be built from scratch by experienced email marketing experts, leaving you to focus on other demanding tasks.

An experienced marketing team will build you a custom campaign built around your brand. mailingmanager plus enjoy eye-drawing imagery and engaging copy, but that doesn’t mean a wordy newsletter is the right thing for you.

Expert designers and copywriters will create you that perfect email. Whether you want a catalogue-style product list, or even a minimalist email with a brief message – it will be built for you from scratch.

mailingmanager plus will review and analyse your campaign’s success using state-of-the art analytics software.

Email campaigns don’t end when you click the send button. Using in-depth analytics software, email marketing experts will analyse the success of your email campaign.

These statistics and results will help the experienced marketing team create your next email campaign brief. They will translate the results for you in an easy-to-chew infographic.

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Let email marketing experts use advanced automation to keep your customers engaged.

If someone clicked a link to your blog, why not ask what they thought? If a customer opened your sales email, why not send them a prompt two days later? The experienced marketing team can keep your conversations going, even when you are not in the office.

A simple email is invaluable to procrastinating customers who are between decisions. An automated message could be just the reminder they need. Keep your customers engaged – don’t let them forget you.

Using the analytics and your customer data, mailingmanager plus will use segmentation to send targeted campaigns.

Your last campaign may have been a success with a certain demographic, or your product may not be applicable to everyone in your lists.

The email marketing experts will send targeted campaigns to the right recipient. We will help you target your lists for maximum engagement.


Sending four emails in a month as opposed to a single email increases the numbers of prospects opening more than one email.


Email Marketing is over 40% more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined.


Emails with a personalised subject line are opened 26% more than emails with generic subjects. Putting the recipient’s name in the subject can increase your open rate by up to 15%.


About 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices. You only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention – make it count!


83% of B2B marketers use email newsletters for content marketing.

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